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Interesting facts about online news reporting in present world

The trend of presenting news and keeping the viewers informed has changed drastically. Traditionally people used to depend on the news paper and then on television journalism to get all the information they needed. In present times online… Read More

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News Reporting an art or profession

When it comes to presenting news before the readers in an attractive manner the dispute naturally arises whether news reporting is just only a profession or involves a certain degree of artistic touch or flavor. This not only focuses… Read More

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The trend of increased use of news apps among readers and its future

The introduction of smartphones and tablets has resulted into an instant accessibility of the medium of the internet in outdoor and indoor locations. This has also presented a golden opportunity before the leading news agencies to develop customized news apps… Read More


The role of internet in news reporting and its growing popularity

There is no denial of the fact that the internet has tremendously revolutionized the sector of journalism and news reporting. It is because of the internet that it has become much easier for the people to know about the outbreak… Read More