The role of internet in news reporting and its growing popularity


There is no denial of the fact that the internet has tremendously revolutionized the sector of journalism and news reporting. It is because of the internet that it has become much easier for the people to know about the outbreak of any major or serious socio-political and economic incidents within a short period of time. Accessing live images have become much easier for the journalists as well cutting across the geographic barriers. People now do not have to rely on the platform of television and newspapers or radios to be well acquainted with the happenings around the globe.

The popularity of the medium of the internet has reached to such a level that many people are turning away from radio and television to spend most of the hours in browsing the websites of the global news agency to receive advance news updates on domestic and international affairs. It is mainly due to the internet that people do get the news on adverse weather conditions much before the announcement of the local meteorological department.

It is due to the emergence of the medium of the internet that it has become possible for the leading news publishing agencies to cut down the costs of recruiting more journalists, camerapersons and printing machines along with special maintenance staffs and paper bunch. Though it may sound a bit negative criticism of internet but ultimately it has helped in the presentation of news in an attractive manner before the readers.

With the emergence of the internet, it has become possible for the news agencies to tap global customers in the form of online newsletter subscriptions and memberships to earn more profits. Finally, internet has made it possible for the readers to easily land on pages of employment and entertainment.

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