News Reporting an art or profession

news rportint

When it comes to presenting news before the readers in an attractive manner the dispute naturally arises whether news reporting is just only a profession or involves a certain degree of artistic touch or flavor. This not only focuses on presenting news in written formats, but also on oral methods which news anchors often have to rely on presenting news in a live coverage from the studio rooms.

To some extent, it cannot be denied that reporting of news is just another profession where you just need to possess the required qualifications to acquire it. While to some, it also involves playing with sentences and words while presenting news in written and oral formats. Although people may possess higher education qualifications but very few people possess the skills when it comes to mobilize the thoughts, opinions and views of the readers in the shape of oral and written sentences.

The debate must be left over to the news readers to judge properly. It is only a conscious and careful news reader who can clearly mention whether news reporting in written or verbal ways represents any sort of art or not. There are some journalists who consider news reporting as an art to channelize the views of the people towards a proper direction. But for some people, it is just a profession which just ends with the proper portrayal of raw facts without evoking or generating any response from the readers.

No doubt that the debate shall continue into coming periods as well. Here the role of news editors cannot be undermined because they are actually the main persons who determine the presentation of news and articles in their preferred private formats. But that can only be determined only going through the news pages and online news portal thoroughly to ascertain the actual nature of news reporting.

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